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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use WellPath?

Almost anyone! WellPath is formulated to maximize health and wellness goals for adults of all ages. Due to the unique and personalized nature of the WellPath Solution the composition of your Powders and Essentials will differ from that of others. We create customized solutions to suit your specific set of needs and goals.

Can I give WellPath to my child?

We want your children to live a healthy and balanced life. As you know, children are continually growing so we always recommend consulting your child’s pediatrician before signing them up for WellPath. The percent of Recommended Daily Values for the vitamins and minerals expressed on the labels of WellPath Powders and Essentials are based on recommended adult dosage and serving size. Children’s nutritional requirements vary by age and weight and your pediatrician can recommend the appropriate serving size and dosage for your child.

Can I take WellPath while pregnant or nursing?

Consult your doctor, obstetrician or midwife prior to taking your WellPath Powders or Essentials —or any dietary supplement or natural health product—while you are pregnant or nursing.

Can WellPath interfere with prescription drugs, medications or supplements?

Consult your doctor and/or natural healthcare practitioner prior to taking WellPath —or any dietary supplement or natural health product—while you are taking prescription medications or other dietary supplements or natural health products.

Is it possible to take too much of my WellPath Solution?

Each serving of WellPath Powder and Essentials are designed to be taken once a day. It is advisable to talk to your health care practitioner if you want to take more than one serving of WellPath a day.

Do I need to take a multivitamin or any other supplements while taking my WellPath Solution?

WellPath incorporates a multivitamin into the Essentials and our solutions are designed to be your one stop shop for your nutritional needs. That being said, we always advocate consulting your doctor or natural healthcare practitioner to determine a diet and supplement routine that best supports your individual health circumstances and lifestyle.

Do I have to take the full recommended serving size of WellPath Powders and Essentials each time?

WellPath Powder is formulated to be a complete serving. Similarly, WellPath Essentials are all formulated to be a single serving size on a daily basis. However, for the WellPath Powders it is okay to start out with less than a full serving to let your body adjust to increased levels of some nutrients (including fiber) and slowly work your way up to a full, one-scoop serving. You should take whatever portion of a serving that works best for your needs, body and activity level.

Can my WellPath Solution go bad?

Part of the reason why we provide you with a month supply is because certain components do lose their efficacy over extended periods of time. In particular, the probiotics will lose their efficacy in approximately the four week timeframe if not stored in a cool, dry place. It is even better if you can store your Powders and Essentials in the refrigerator, though not necessary. So long as you consume your WellPath Solution in close to the month time frame you will realize the maximum efficacy. If you want to keep it for multiple months then we suggest refrigerating it to preserve the lives of the probiotics and digestive enzymes.

What benefits does the WellPath Solution provide?

Every WellPath Solution is formulated specifically to fit your goals and needs. As a result, the benefits that your unique Solution will provide to you may differ significantly from someone else’s. However, within every WellPath Solution are key micro and macro nutrients – including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and probiotics – that are the core of achieving a healthier you.

Is WellPath helpful for weight loss?

Assuming that your stated goals emphasize a focus on weight management and in combination with healthy eating and regular exercise, WellPath can aid a healthy weight management program. Certain components of the WellPath Powder and Essentials specifically target maintaining a healthy metabolism and a controlled appetite. A shake made with WellPath Powder can be a great choice for those on a calorie-reduced diet while being filling and satisfying. Because it includes digestive enzymes to facilitate the breakdown of nutrients during digestion, WellPath offers effective nutritional absorption and overall nutritional intake.

Can I use WellPath Powder as a meal replacement?

WellPath Powder is a dietary supplement that contains between in excess of a hundred calories per serving alongside a high percentage of your daily nutritional needs. When mixed with fruit, juice, milk, rice/hemp/almond milk, or blended with your favorite smoothie or healthy shake, WellPath can provide an effective nutrient boost to start your day. In fact, we’ve prepared some of our favorite recipes here here that can serve as a healthy, quick and delicious alternative to traditional breakfast.

How do I use my WelllPath gift certificate?

Simply enter your unique gift card code at checkout in the promo code field and your credit will be applied to your order.

What is the pricing of WellPath Solutions?

Through the WellPath Membership Program, the Essentials are $39.95 and the Powder is $49.95.

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