A Path Is Made By Walking On It

— Zhuangzi, Taoist Philosopher, 3rd Century BC

Our Mission

Living a focused, healthy life in 2020 feels overwhelming.

There are so many battles to fight, and even more half-baked supplements promising miracles to wade through. Every human has different wellness needs, but we believe that there are three indisputable requirements to a quality life that unite us.

We focus on the three essential paths to helping you live well, day in and day out: managing your stress, raising your immune health, and strengthening your body's foundation.

Our clean and trustworthy supplements rely on the natural world’s superfoods to help you choose your path and walk it powerfully.

Our products are non-GMO, gluten-free, third-party tested, and vetted by compliance experts. They feature superfoods such as:


Apple Cider Vinegar



Our Founders

Colin Darretta

Co-Founder & CEO

Colin left the world of finance to pursue his passion, helping people live healthier lives. A lifelong athlete and biohacker, Colin first discovered that supplements could make a real difference in helping him achieve his own health and wellness goals but that the industry needed a major facelift. Thus the kernel of WellPath was born with a mission to demystify and elevate the supplement industry through affordability, quality and transparency.

Nick Michlewicz

Co-Founder & COO

Nick is a lifelong endurance athlete and half-Ironman finisher. He has been passionate about using superfoods and adaptogens to improve lives since his dad first battled cancer at a young age. Nick follows in the footsteps of his mother, a pharmacist and herbalist, and leads WellPath's product development. He was previously VP of Commerce at Dotdash, and a co-founder of the men's lifestyle startup InsideHook.

WellPath is a trusted modern nutritional supplements start-up based in New York City. We’ve been featured in:

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